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Maxi Weight Collar Black


This 4cm width collar is made with strong polypropylene tape and comes with elasticated bands so it’s easy to remove or add individual weights as your dog progresses.

Important Information: Recommended age for use is 18+ months. To use these collars a dog must be fully grown to ensure their skeleton has developed completely. 


38cm-45cm Neck (+/- 1cm tolerance) – Comes with four weights, total weight approx. 0.990kg

43cm-51cm Neck (+/- 1cm tolerance) – Comes with five weights, total weight approx. 1.220kg

47cm-55cm Neck (+/- 1cm tolerance) – Comes with six weights, total weight approx. 1.420kg

52cm-60cm Neck (+/- 1cm tolerance) – Comes with seven weights, total weight approx. 1.630kg

57cm-65cm Neck (+/- 1cm tolerance) – Comes with eight weights, total weight approx. 1.815kg

Please use this product in moderation and consider feeding the dog more food after use to ensure no excessive loss of weight!

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