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GT Cobra Collar – Handle

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K9 CREW proudly presents to you the: GT Cobra Collar- Handle

This could be the dog collar of your dreams – we’ve taken our own experience and used it to design a collar that solves all the problems you’re used to having. We use GT Cobra and a very high tensile strip to design a quick-clip collar which is incredible strong . The clip design means the collar will not come off, and will not fail – it can withstand anything you or your dog throw at it. Practically, the collar width means your dog is more closely connected to you, making obedience and control much easier when you’re out and about. Made with the highest quality materials, you can even pop it in the washing machine at 30° when your dog’s been a bit over-enthusiastic in the mud! It’s ideal for medium and large breeds, and we’ve put a list below of the breeds it’s most popular with:

• German/Belgian/Dutch Shepherd

• Presa Canario/Cane Corso/Dogue De Bordeaux

• American Bulldog/Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog/American Bully

• Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier

• Labrador/Golden Retriever

• Huskie/Akita/Malamute

• Great Dane/English Mastiff

How do these collars function? The handle enables you to hold your dog off leash, which is useful for both training and everyday walks, as well as helping course correct larger dogs when getting them to jump in the back of the car! Due to the hand-stitched and riveted design, the collars are also capable of withstanding the pulling force of even the strongest dogs, meaning they’ll stay close at hand or comfortably at the end of the leash!


Our ITW Nexus GT Cobra is designed to be more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market, with a targeted tensile load of 500lbf which is a 100% Polymer system with no metal components.

The GT Cobra™ buckle is designed for all heavy duty load bearing applications such as belt systems, pet collars and leashes, plate/armor carriers, shoulder straps, patient mobility devices, tie down harnesses, PFD’s, backpack systems, medical litters, transportation and seating systems, as well as any other applications that demand high performance for your complete product life cycle.

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