K9 Crew is a real, live family business. We’re not the team behind the brand – we are the brand. Living, sleeping, training, developing, helping out and loving every minute. We’ve built an amazing community of dog lovers who are looking for handmade, properly-designed, long-lasting products that are just like we are. Down-to-earth. Genuine. Quality.

It’s not just that we love dogs – it’s that we have personally worked with, trained and bred dogs, so we understand what our customers are really looking for. Our combined backgrounds in Police and Military dog training, and designing, sourcing and selling the highest quality canine products, mean that everything we sell is based on our understanding of different breeds, methods of training and direct owner experience. We understand what is comfortable for your dog, right for you, and gives you the results you need.

Whatever type of breed you own and wherever you are, join the K9 Crew family – it’s a great place to be.